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Oh, yes, we have a science GoH!

Hi guys,

We have a science GoH! She's something a little different from anything we've had - she's not DOING the science, per se, but instead communicating to the world about the science being done, and she's very excited to come join us in January.

Her name is Jennifer Ouellette and she writes for Scientific American, as well as others.

I think she will be a great addition to some of the tried-and-true panels as well as her own panels on topics she wants to discuss. And, let's face it, anyone who has written books called "The Physics of the Buffyverse" and "The Calculus Diaries: How Math can help you Lose Weight, Win in Vegas, and Survive the Zombie Apocalypse" is going to fit right in!



Pre-Registration is now closed! If you missed it you can register at the door.

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