Special Guests from Subterranean Press

Maria Dahvana Headley

Maria Dahvana Headley is most recently the author of the novel Queen of Kings (Dutton, 2011/Transworld UK), a pitch-dark historical fantasy filled with classical monsters, serpents, Thessalian and displaced Norse witches, gods, ghosts, the Roman Army, Faustian bargains, and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Queen is the first book in a trilogy, with the second, Dark Lady, forthcoming in 2013. Also forthcoming is a young adult fantasy novel. She's recently published short fiction in Subterranean (Seeräuber, Game) and Lightspeed (Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream). Previously, she wrote The Year of Yes (Hyperion, 2006) a memoir of the year she went out with anyone in New York City who asked. She's also been anthologized with a variety of erotica pieces, written randomly while procrastinating other things. Those appear in places like Best American Erotica, and in Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex, where she wrote the essay on Climax. She's obsessed with monsters of all shapes and sizes, libraries, lost works, stolen souls, tattoos, and Herodotus. All this is to say: she is a Gemini. She lives in Brooklyn, but she grew up in the remote high desert of Idaho, on a catastrophically unsuccessful sled dog ranch. For a time she was a pirate negotiator in the maritime industry.

The best way to find her is on Twitter, @MARIADAHVANA, but also at www.cleopatraqueenofkings.com.

Kat Howard

Kat Howard is a recovering law school grad and medieval lit specialist who has been writing seriously since attending the Clarion Writers' Workshop in 2008. Her short fiction has appeared in such venues as Subterranean, Lightspeed, Apex, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Her work has also appeared in Rich Horton's The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2012, and her short story "A Life in Fictions" was performed at Symphony Space as part of the Selected Shorts program, "Magical Realism: The World of Marvelous Stories with Neil Gaiman." She recently collaborated with the choreographers of Sharp & Fine on the ballet A Thousand Natural Shocks which was performed at Z Space Theatre in July of 2012. She'd like to state for the record that she left the dancing bits to the experts.

Kat lives and writes in the Twin Cities. When she's not writing she can be found at the Twin Cities Fencing Club, in an ongoing experiment to determine whether the pen or the sword is mightier. She runs largely on coffee, can tell you all the dirty jokes in The Miller's Tale, and still wants to be Buffy when she grows up. You can find her on twitter as @KatWithSword and she blogs at strangeink.blogspot.com.

Alastair Reynolds

I was born in Barry, South Wales, in 1966. This accounts for a lot.

One third of the world's coal was exported out of Barry before the war, requiring a massive and fascinating infrastructure of docks, cranes, coal staithes and railway yards, much of which was still in place - albeit derelict and overgrown with weeds - when I was growing up. After the war, Barry was also the place where lots of old steam engines were brought to be cut up for scrap. I remember seeing hundreds of them, waiting in long rusting lines. I like steam engines. A lot.

I spent my early years in Cornwall, then returned to Wales for my primary and secondary school education. I did a degree in astronomy at Newcastle, then a PhD in the same subject at St Andrews in Scotland. I left the UK in 1991 and spent the next sixteen years working in the Netherlands, mostly for the European Space Agency, although I also did a stint as a postdoctoral worker in Utrecht. I returned to Wales in 2008 and now live in the South Wales valleys, not too far from Cardiff. I am studying classical guitar.

I am married to a wonderful French lady. My wife and I like horse riding, birds, long walks in the woods, good curries and old films.