Get Yer Ribbons Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, fen of all genres. Hear my words and unleash the creative forces of your mind. For the season of con is rapidly approaching. You my brave people, are the chosen few are the ones to decide how to reward either friend or foe. The time is now, now is the time for Ribbons.

Follow me my brave people, for I am here to serve you as the ribbon master this year.

But before you start your journey to Confusion's Immortality I must know the following:

  1. Your name
  2. The exact case-sensitive text you want on the ribbon. (The font will be Times New Roman, and they choose the size based on what will fit on the ribbon. Max of 27 spaces per row, 2 row max.)
  3. Color of ribbon and color of print. Colors available can be seen at Larsen's Award Ribbons.
  4. The quantity of ribbons.

The estimated cost is $3.00 plus $0.19 per ribbon. The actual cost will probably be a little lower; it depends on how many ribbons total get ordered. If you order different ribbons, with different text (i.e. 50 that say "PWND" and 50 that say "1337 Geek!") you will be charged $3.00 for each distinct phrase.

Ribbons will be available for pick-up at Con, times TBA. Ribbons might be available for pick-up a few days before con if you have a decent reason and set it up with me ahead of time. Payment will be due upon receipt of ribbons.

If you already have a custom die with Larsen's indicate this in your order.

If you would like to have a custom die made (for a logo or icon, or weird font for instance) it costs $30. This die would then be available to use at no extra charge for future years.

If you have any questions, look to the stars. If this fails, email them to me at this address and only this address ribbons13 [at] stilyagi [dot] org all requests will be deleted, ignored or laughed at.

Oh and before I go... You may wish to consult the Mayan calendar, for December 21st is the order cut off. I you miss your opportunity to order ribbons you may wish the world to end.