Authors on Panels!

The following science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors, aside from our Guests of Honor and Subterranean Press Special Guests, will be appearing on programming at Immortal ConFusion. Come check them out!

Aimee Carter, Al Bogdan, Amity Thompson, Anne Harris, Brian McClellan, Carrie Harris, Catherine Shaffer, Christian Klaver, Christine Purcell, Cindy Spencer Pape, Courtney Moulton, Diana Rowland, Doselle Young, Doug Hulick, Dr. Phil Kaldon, Geoff Landis, Gretchen Ash, Holly McDowell, Howard Andrew Jones, Jim C. Hines, John Klima, John Scalzi, Laurie Gailunas, Lawrence Schoen, Leah Zeldes Smith, Mary G. Thompson, Mary Turzillo, Merrie Haskell, Michael J. DeLuca, Michael J. Sullivan, Michael Underwood, Myke Cole, Patrick Rothfuss, Patrick Tomlinson, Peter Orullian, Peter V. Brett, Ron Collins, Saladin Ahmed, Sam Sykes, Sarah Zettel, Scott H. Andrews, Susan Dennard, Tobias S. Buckell, Violette Malan, and Wesley Chu